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mHealth for Healthcare Professionals

mHealth for Healthcare Professionals is a new programme developed to help educate the healthcare workers about the mHealth opportunity to advance access and the quality of healthcare. In line with this we're very proud to announce the world's first certified course on mHealth for Healthcare Professionals.

Through the combination of the mHealth domain insight from  and HISI's experience training, certifying and registering Healthcare IT professionals we're confident that this accreditation opportunity will provide an excellent education for all healthcare professionals and provide the opportunity for healthcare provider organisations to show their commitment to supporting the training of staff so that new technologies can be effectively adopted.

The program is currently being finalised but you can get a sense of the scope of the first introductory module from the module outline below:

What is mHealth?


  • How everything that should be connected will be
  • Smart Mobile Services - Case Studies
  • Overview of Apps used by Patients
  • Overview of Apps used by Doctors
  • Case Study: How apps enable new services

Privacy & Quality

  • Overview of how to judge the Quality of an App
  • Overview of major Privacy Challenges
  • Case Study: How Patient information is being
  • abused by App developers
  • Steps you can take to help prevent data leaks
  • Why Health Information Technologies Need to be certified

Test Time & Discussion

Online resources to support this Activity will be available from

If you'd like to make any suggestions or contributions please don't hesitate to get in touch via the comments below or email

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